Thursday, December 16, 2010

Evaluation of The Faceless Teacher 1999, Dennis Gardner

Based on the six traits of writing ‘The Faceless Teacher’ appears to be a rather fair piece of writing , though almost nearing on information overload the piece did provide stimulating sources of evidence to support his ideas and there was a consistent flow whilst reading .The organization of the piece was well constructed though there was some level of clutter felt because it was such a dense piece examining a serious issue that it was a bit too compact and could have been better organized. Gardner speaks in an almost forceful authoritarian voice that drapes over the entire piece, as if he were literally speaking to you. Alongside his rather impeccable grammar and use of the various language conventions such as punctuation, capitalization etc. he was clear and concise in the words that he chose to use which were quite appropriate for the subject and messages he aimed to convey whilst creating a rather somber mood through the woods making the piece rather good reading.

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